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Kobe's drops 60 in last stand If you shoot it, they will come. Points, that is. In a finale befitting a man who never met a shot he didn't love (or want to buy a $4 million ring),
Cincinnati's shame Only the Bengals. In January's wild-card game, Cincinnati had come back from a 15-point deficit against Pittsburgh and had a lead, and the ball, in Steelers territory with 90 seconds left.
Serena gets No. 22 After three straight failures (two in the first two major finals of 2016 and the other three sets short of a historic Grand Slam in 2015),
Texas A&M's ridiculous record comeback In a game that will forever be used as the example that a basketball game is never over until the clock shows all zeroes, Texas A&M made history with a stunning NCAA tournament comeback to advance to the Sweet 16 to beat would-be Cinderella Northern Iowa.
Michigan vs. Ohio State Remember all those folks who said the college football regular season would be ruined by the playoff? Well, so much for that. In one of the best games of the 113-year history of the greatest Big Ten rivalry
A divisional-playoff classic Back in 2010, Green Bay traveled to Phoenix for a wild-card game and the teams played one of the greatest games in the history of the NFL, with Kurt Warner leading the Cardinals to a 51-45 overtime win on a staggering 29/33 for 379 yards and five touchdowns.
Spieth's Masters collapse Greg Norman, eat your Aussie heart out. Jordan Spieth, the closest thing golf has had to Tiger Woods since Tiger Woods, had a five-shot lead at the turn on Sunday afternoon at The Masters, trying to join Nicklaus,
The miracle in Leicester The biggest football league on the globe has a mind-numbingly boring system for crowning a champion, which, as some will tell you, is fitting for a dull sport. (Okay, as I'll tell you.)
Manning beats Brady for final time The Super Bowl was like those of the 1980s and early 1990s - entirely forgettable (although with the AFC prevailing this time around). Cam Newton's press conference is just about the only thing anyone remembered one month later.
Katie Ledecky's dominance It was a performance so dominant it made the U.S. basketball team seem pedestrian. The teenaged Katie Ledecky, who burst onto the international scene in 2012 had spent the three years in between Olympics as the most dominant athlete in the pool.


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